Security & Infrastructure



On the main page you have a linear section that shows some specs, like anti-ddos, load balancing, etc... you have to detail this, not copying the section because I already copied the section on the features page.

You must integrate, with visual elements, the following things :

  • We have powerful servers that are replicated and load balanced
  • All the data is safe on a High Availability NAS which uses the RAID technology
  • We do daily backups to ensure data safety and ensure 100% persistency
  • We have a SLA of 99.9% to ensure they don't lose sales
  • Hacker-proof, disaster-proof
  • All payments are handled securely through SSL
  • Each website can have a private SSL instead on using our shared ssl
  • We are PCI compliant and all the online stores are automatically PCI compliant : What this means ? Add a link to the PCI website and explain in some details what this consist of.