Accept online payments



  • Talk about the PayPal fees (
  • Talk about the Stripe transaction fees (
  • Important, it's COMPETITIVE card rates
  • Supports multiple currencies and countries

You have to create one linear section concerning PayPal, including graphical elements and table for pricing

You have to create one linear section concerning Stripe, including graphical elements and pricing

You must integrate a linear section to show a simple credit card form to enter credit card details, to show people how it would be shown on their website.
You must also show a PayPal button to show people what they would see if they choose to accept paypal payments (trusted by people online).

All pictures must be loaded dynamically as the visitor scrolls down.

You must create a linear section concerning the mobile aspect of the online payments : it is supported, optimized for this, works well for Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. Must include a graphical element.

You must add somewhere that it's vry easy to setup in CommerscaleTM, in a matter of minutes. You can also add some links to paypal and stripe to allow paypal to get more informations about the third party account creation.