Theme Editor Documentation

First of all, the theme editor. This is the most useful feature for a developer.

It allows you to completely manage the source code of the online store, change the styles, create new style sheets, new script files, add external libraries, add resources files such as web fonts, images, svg graphics, etc.

API Development

  • The API provides read and write operations.
  • Developpers can read data from the store as well as create/update/delete elements
  • All API requests are charged at a flat rate of $0.001 USD
  • For all the other store fees, please refer to the pricing page
  • To get technical help about the available API methods please refer to the API help page

Theme Creation

We give a flat amount of $750 USD for each theme that is created for us.

People (and businesses) can become "official partners" to be listed on our website. It allows people to find a business that can help them modify their theme to fit their specific needs.

Each partner receives a training on how our platform works. It does not cost anything (to be listed and receive the training).

App Development

We accept almost all kind of applications that you can create

All apps can be free or paid, so you can make significant money here.

We only charge 15% of the total revenues made through the app. More information available on the how to become a partner page.

All apps are featured on our website so everyone can see it.

Try everything for 30 days

All the features are available during the trial period.